Scintillanti, splendenti, luccicanti! Come ho visto questi favolosi sandali Givenchy non sono più riuscita a pensare ad altro. Glitter e oro, richiamavamo in me l’idea di outfits preziosi e capire che l’estate è vicina. Ecco come mi hanno rubato il mio cuore in due secondi. Finalmente son arrivati nel mio armadio, dopo aver fatto questa “pazzia da shopping” , pur di averli!

Sparkling, shining, glittering! As i saw these fabulous Givenchy sandals are no longer able to think of anything else. Glitter and gold, to dreaming in me the idea of ​​precious outfits and understand that summer is near. That’s how I have stolen my heart in two seconds. At last I am come in my closet, after doing this “madness for shopping”, but to have them!

Love, xx


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5 Responses to OMG!

  1. Marina says:

    Amazing! <333


  2. WOOOOWWW I’m completely speechless!

    xoxo from München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  3. Lucija says:

    Ohhhh, these are gorgeous!!


  4. ilaria says:


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